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“Paws-on” Learning with The Bluebirds

Early mornings are usually never an easy battle for most people, especially for kids who would love nothing more than just five more minutes in bed. But at 3 Bluebirds Farm, mornings don’t consist of just getting ready for school. A day at the farm includes greeting the staff and saying hello to friends, both …

3 Bluebirds Farm, Blog Posts, School

Change, Celebration, and COVID-19: How a local non-profit has overcome the challenges

On a typical day out on the open fields of 3 Bluebirds Farm a visitor would usually see three things. A lot of sunshine, plenty of laughing kids, and far too much excitement to manage. But in the past few months of lockdowns and long days indoors, the fields have seen nothing but empty rays …

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“Hey Past Me, You’ll Never Guess What’s Coming Next.”

If there’s one word to describe this past month I would say “surreal” would be a good description. Everything feels almost “simulation-like” in a sense and that lingering uncertainty of what’s next and what is yet to come adds to the looming feeling that almost everything that’s happened at rapid speed feels like a dream …

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Full Face of Glossier | Review and Tutorial

My house has never been so silent, and the eerie emptiness of the streets doesn’t help the doomsday feeling lingering in the room. Feeling stuck and going stir-crazy, I wanted to take advantage of this rare chance of complete silence to invest in a creative project while intertwining my passion for content creation. This week, …

Blog Posts, Makeup & Skincare

Here’s What to Wear: All Things Skincare, Makeup, and Hair

If anyone has seen my makeshift vanity that sits on the floor of my very obvious college girl-esq bedroom, you’ll know that the fact that I’m writing a part two to my previous list of skin + makeup must-haves is no surprise. After a surprising amount of support, questions, and product recommendations – I have …