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Here’s What to Wear: All Things Skincare, Makeup, and Hair

If anyone has seen my makeshift vanity that sits on the floor of my very obvious college girl-esq bedroom, you’ll know that the fact that I’m writing a part two to my previous list of skin + makeup must-haves is no surprise.

After a surprising amount of support, questions, and product recommendations – I have returned with new products, more in-depth analysis of brands/products I love (*ahem* mainly Glossier), and advice for how to create your own hoard of products like me.

So without further ado – here’s another list of some of my favorite products:

Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Banila Co. Clean it Zero at Ulta

The holy grail of makeup removers and best eraser of old mistakes (kidding), Banila’s Clean it Zero 3-in-1 makeup remover balm has been my go to makeup remover for the past 3+ years.

What started as an initial hesitant trial run with my mom and I, our love for this product has become a full blown obsession, possibly even addiction level kinda love for this cleanser that literally melts off your makeup. (Seriously, if you look at the picture in my first post, you’ll see that my mom bought 6 bulk jars of this stuff to bring back from Korea).

But lucky for you, Ulta now has them in stock! The self dubbed “serbert-like balm” transitions into a smooth oil when placed on skin and with a quick wash, all your makeup comes of instantly. It also comes in different lines for each specific skin type. It’s no wonder Allure Magazine wrote an article about how one jar of this stuff is sold every. three. seconds.

Iope Soft Peeling Gel

Okay, here’s a deep dark secret for you guys. I low-key like watching pimple popping videos and am totally one of those girl friends who pops her boyfriends pimples (sorry Dyoon). But what all those Dr. Pimple Popper videos have taught me is just how we all have a ridiculous amount of dead skin on our faces.

Yes, I know, it’s gross. But those pores and blackheads on your nose don’t clear up that easily because the average human body sheds 30-40,000 dead skin cells every 24 hours.

So discovering this product when I was given a tiny sample after trying this brands skincare line (which is also equally as amazing) was game-changing. Not just because you can physically see the dead skin slowly roll off your face as you use this peeling gel, but because it actually works without damaging your skin.

A step in your nightly skincare routine after washing and cleansing your face, a small nickel size of this product can help you rub off layers of sweat and grim that otherwise piles up on your pores.

Khiel’s Dark Spot Solution

Khiel’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

As someone who tans fairly easily and never seems to have even-toned skin, this product was life changing in my skincare routine and the way I viewed sunspots, blemishes, and dark spots.

A fair warning though: this is the priciest product on my list today (with the largest bottle costing close to $140) but also one of the very few products where I can say without a doubt that it’s worth every cent. A Khiel’s cult classic, this serum has done wonders for my hyperpigmentation and made my facer much brighter to the point where some of my old pre-teen acne scars have virtually disappeared.

The key is consistency: at first I was skeptical, but if you push yourself to use this consistently during the morning and night, you’ll definitely see results. If you’re willing to take the risk, try one of their smaller bottles first for $54.

Glossier 2.0

Inside Glossier Austin’s Pop-up shop

Okay, yes, I’m a total Glossier groupie but with every visit they just keep pulling me back in.

I had some questions from my last post about some good starting points for someone who wanted to try Glossier for the first time, as well as products I didn’t like, which I hope to cover in a upcoming YouTube video in the next few weeks (please hold me accountable).

But to answer the first part of the question: if you’re someone who is looking for lightweight, dewy makeup then this brand is for you. Beyond the concealer, blush, and boy brow I mentioned last time, Glossier’s skin tint, Futuredew, and Generation G lipsticks are great ways for someone to start with building their new, glossy “no-makeup” makeup look.

As someone with drier skin, this brand if the perfect option for having that ‘coverage’ and essence I need to highlight my look just the way I want it for a day to day glow. If you have oily skin, check out their Wowder finishing and setting powder that comes with a useful ‘net’ inside to help catch product, and their line of both stick and liquid highlighters. (I’ll be visiting the Glossier Atlanta pop-up store soon to restock my collection and will be releasing a full review and tutorial soon ☺️)

*For those who may be the same skin type + tone as me: I wear the Glossier Skin Tint in shade G6 or G7 (depending on the season), Generation G in Like or Cake, and Nite Shine highlighter in Platinum Rose

Etude House’s Single Shadows

Etude House’s Satin Fit Singular Eyeshadow

Maybe it’s because the packaging is so cute and compact, but these eyeshadows are absolutely some of my favorite Etude House has ever released.

A popular K-beauty store, Etude House has a variety of makeup lines that (alongside adorable packaging), also last forever. One of my favorite K-beauty stores, like Style Nanda’s 3CE, this company consistently has been forerunning and influencing all things makeup and skincare we now see in the US.

The product that got me hooked? The Satin eyeshadows which are part of a line of singular eyeshadows that come matte, with bright glitter, or pure satin shimmer.

I use mine a great base color for my usually daily look and love the way it lasts and feels all day. As someone who doesn’t wear too much makeup to begin with, this is a great simple alternative to add some flare without needing a whole pallet, and definitely my favorite brands so far when it come to singular shadows.

Castor Oil

Briogeo Organic + Cold-pressed 100% Castor Oil

I’m about to let you guys in on a secret that I’ve been keeping for years.

One of the best products in my routine that’s strengthened and grown both my eyelashes and hair is right at your local Walmart and Target.

I stumbled upon Castor Oil during a late night YouTube binge after a day of worrying that my thin hair was eventually going to be so thin I’d be bald (it was a rough day, I don’t know why my mind went there). But what I discovered is hours upon hours of various channels praising the effects of something so simple that even I was positive it was a “healthy alternative hoax.”

However, after using it on my eyelashes and brows religiously after losing some lashes from three continuous cycles of eyelash extensions, I can say my lashes haven’t been this long since I first started wearing mascara.

Usually, I apply it to my lashes overnight and slather some of the product on my scalp and leave it a few hours before showering and it’s definitely changed the thickness of my thin hair, the longevity of my eyelashes, and honestly made my eyebrow growth even a hassle.

It’s no secret Castor Oil helps, even popular hair care brands like Briogeo and Prose have pressed castor extracts meant to add the growth your hair. If you’re interested, you can also find an organic bottle at a local store in the beauty section to test out!

Happy Testing

When it comes to all things beauty care, no one has the same routine or preference for what they like to use. We all have our own trouble spots and it takes patience, money, and time to figure out what works best for us, and even then our routines change with age.

Hopefully this list will help a few of you find a starting point for a new addition to your routine, or maybe reassure you that a product you’re currently using works because it’s listed above.

Whatever the case may be, I hope you find a product you love so much you’ll have to write a blog post about it too 😉

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