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New Year, New Internet Me

“Cecilia, why blogs? Do you even read blogs?”

I’ll be the first to admit that the very first blog you’ll see on my website was a filler piece I wrote to have something presentable for my MEJO121 class presentation one semester ago. (Please don’t judge, I was on a time crunch, what can I say?)

But that was a different me, different year, and different decade – and what better time to rebrand and change myself than the first month of the beginning of a decade where I’ll probably get my first job, get married, and (oh god) become a brand new me.

As challenged by the one and only Professor Gary Kayye, our MEJO577 Branding of Me class this spring semester would each individually start our first steps into blogging. And this is my official “internet contract” to push out content in an effort to redefine the name “Cecilia Fang” to become something that will somehow capture who I am and who I want to be.

So without further ado, hi there internet friend, my name is Cecilia – and here’s me manifesting into the universe my goals, and giving the internet power to hold me accountable to those goals.

For 2020, I want people to know that:

  • I am the oldest of four in a family of Taiwanese Immigrants. I consider a big part of my identity surrounded around the fact that I was born in Taiwan, and that I’m an older sister. Not just because it’s taught me Chinese, or made me realize that being the bossy older sister has its perks when looking for internships, but because my family history has shaped the way I see the world, and I want to write more about mango farms in Tainan, and the time my siblings and I caught fresh sea urchin in Penghu.
  • I love skincare and fashion. Maybe it’s because my mom had me wearing face masks before I even knew how to wash my face, but fashion and skincare have become a huge part of how I express myself and my identity. I find styling and exploring makeup, skincare, and fashion therapeutic – and I hope to integrate that into a more integral part of my career.
Me in the Style Nanda Pink Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. (2018)
  • I love video creation. If you’re one of the couple hundred of people (I somehow swayed) to watch my old YouTube videos, you’ll know this is a hobby of mine that I started back in 2017, and have struggled to pick back up since. Well a new resolution of mine is to revive it! Stay tuned for a future:
    • Day in the life of a UNC Student vlog
    • Lazy Day Routine
    • (and hopefully more will speak to me with time)
  • I am a loyal American Airlines customer. Random, I know, but this company has shaped my life in ways I cannot express. From getting the chance to learn, explore, and even earn scholarships for college, AA has been a major player in all of that – and that is all thanks to my mom. From working the night shift at a call center in NC, to moving to NYC as a Senior Flight Manager in LGA/JFK, my love for travel blessed upon me from my mom (and her awesome employee discount) has fueled many mom-daughter trips from Japan, to Scotland, to hometown visits in Taiwan. So yes, I will be repping AA because 14 year old me never would have seen One Direction in London without them.
An embarrassing photo of my mom, brother, and I visiting Scotland in 2015.
  • I wrote a YA novel at 14 when I dislocated my kneecap and couldn’t move for a summer. You know that feeling you get when you hear your own voice and it makes you wanna run and hide? That’s me when people bring this up because I’ll tell you right now that book was the result of boredom, teenage angst, and lots of Lana Del Rey. It’s still floating on the internet somewhere and I’m not going to say I’m not proud – because I am, as that book was what made me realize I loved to write – but as someone who still dreams and outlines potential novel ideas every other week, I’d rather my legacy not be something written by 15 year old me.
  • I want to keep blogging/vlogging, even when this class is over. Something I’ve learned over years of the endless cycle of work, internships, and school is that anyone can go crazy or feel burnt out when they lose a sense of who they are, and what they like to do for themselves. I’ve always known that I loved to write, and that feeling of creating something new slowly translated to video over time. I want to keep this up for me, for my sanity, and for the memories of looking back and seeing everything I did and accomplished.

This is who am I and what I want to accomplish in 2020, and I can’t wait to look back and see what I’ve done beyond just this class, and see what else is in store.

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