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Youtube Content Creation

I grew up in a generation of change. I belong to that weird age-group of ‘not really millennials’ or ‘kinda Gen Z-er’s’ that saw the rise of the internet but still grew up watching PBS kids and memorizing my best friends home telephone number.

But what I’ve learned in the generation of innovation is the power of mass communication and more importantly, the influence of video. Our attention spans are shrinking and with 90% of the information our brains are absorbing coming from visual media, nothing has drawn me in like video content creation.

Since 2017, (when I first attached my cell phone to a selfie stick and decided to start vlogging), I’ve realized the power video brings to content creators, brands, etc.

I made an effort when I enrolled in college to seek opportunities to hone my abilities to curate different forms of expression for different campaigns, classes, stories, and so much more. The creation of my first YouTube video my senior year of high school was just the beginning of the small glimpse I took into the hours of editing and shooting needed for a video not even five minutes long.

But content creation has become a new means of income, job opportunity, and self-expression and I truly hope that by the time I graduate college that I can remake that first vlog from 2017 and see if maybe, we should give the selfie stick more credit after all.


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