Hi! My name is Cecilia Fang and I’m currently a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Advertising/Public Relations and Global Studies.

Whether it’s filming and producing a YouTube video, designing new creative marketing campaigns, or writing an article for a magazine – I am always ready for a new challenge. A child of immigrants and the oldest of four, I didn’t know I was a communicator until I felt like I had no voice. I didn’t grow up the same way as my classmates, speak the same way, and I was constantly learning new words that had no Chinese correlation. I had a voice, but no audience.

But at age 14, I wrote and self-published a Young Adult novel. At age 16, I was promoted to Chief Editor of my high school newspaper and found myself surrounded by others who wanted their own voices heard. At age 19, I secured an internship at a leading computer networking corporation as a sales development intern who aided the forefront of how the world communicates.

I was a writer, a public speaker, and a leader who loved the freedom of creative expression and I never stop to find new ways to change, listen and collaborate on a global scale. And with this website, I hope to share a bit about my creative work and passions in the forms of written and video stories throughout my life.

When I’m not working a new project, you can find me plant shopping, blogging/vlogging or planning my next trip abroad!